According to Redkite, an organisation that blueVisions and the Institute of Management recently supported, this is the current rate for 2020. We are hoping that our support will help some of these families now in times of crisis. The demand for Redkite’s financial and emotional services has never been greater and we are grateful to be able to support Redkite to be able to help families whose lives have been shattered by their child’s cancer.

In this particular case, we have shared a story about a little boy called Hunter and his loving mum, Bridie. For families like theirs, the need for Redkite’s financial and emotional support has never been greater and neither has the demand. So far 2020 is unlike any other year in Redkite’s history. They have seen an increase of 30% in demand for our support sessions and 15% in financial assistance provided to families.

One family who knows this struggle all too well is Hunter’s.

His mum, Bridie had to leave her full-time job to be by her son Hunter’s side when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at just four-years-old.

Life for Hunter’s parents became a frantic blur as they tried to juggle being with their sick child in and out of hospital and emergency rooms whilst struggling to make mortgage repayments and cover basic costs like power bills, fuel, and food.

Sadly, financial strain is all too common for families whose child is going through cancer treatment. Now with the significant challenges of COVID-19 and additional stress, families need your urgent help.

Parents have been overwhelmed by concern for the health of their vulnerable and immunocompromised child, hit with job loss and business closures when they can least afford it.

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