Meet our intern Jason Shadmany, who has a PhD in Biological Sciences from Macquarie University in Australia and is transitioning into a career as Data Analyst.


“Internships are great opportunities for early graduates or people seeking to transition careers.”

What is your role at BlueVisions?

I am a data analyst intern for the Digital Services team.

What does a day look like in your role?

It varies depending on our priorities. I am currently working on blueVision’s new intranet project. I usually meet with the Digital Services team in the mornings and get a list of technical requests to work on.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your experience?

The most rewarding experience is when I solve a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the more satisfaction I get upon solving it. For example, one of my tasks was to migrate large amounts of data from one SharePoint site to another, and it would have taken days to complete it manually. But I was able to develop a solution that only took a few hours to migrate everything across.

Do you think your internship complements your academic experience?

It has given me a completely new experience as it is different from my experience as a researcher and tutor in academia. Corporate and academia are two different worlds, and it’s nice to be able to experience both worlds.

My experience as a researcher has helped me in this internship as skills such as problem-solving and attention to detail are transferrable across different fields, especially in analytics. Another helpful skill to have which is less noticed is effective googling – knowing what to google for to get the desired information.

Do you feel that your internship reflects a real work experience? 

Yes, because I am involved in some of the day-to-day tasks and challenges of the business.

What advice would you give to help students who want to work as interns?

Internships are great opportunities for early graduates or people seeking to transition careers.

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