Claims, Dispute Management & Expert Witness

Our highly qualified construction claims consultants can quickly ascertain a contractual position for a client.

blueVisions’ construction claims experts and analysts specialize in preparing, appraising or defending claims for delay, disruption, prolongation, acceleration and variations for disputed extension of time claims.

Our team of claims experts are flexible enough to work from a client’s office, as an augmentation to your team.

Our team of technical and contract Experts are vastly experienced and trained in independently and comprehensively analysing the most complex construction delay claims from both a prospective and retrospective viewpoint utilising the most sophisticated contemporary critical path based methods of analyses that include the Time Impact Analysis, Windows Based Analysis, As-Built Collapsed Analysis (also called “But For” Analysis), and Impacted As-Planned Analysis (also called “What If” Analysis) to provide an objective and credible analysis of the connection between the root cause and effect of delaying events.

Similarly, we are able to accurately demonstrate the effect of disruptive events utilising the widely preferred “measured mile” approach to satisfy the level of proof requirements for construction disruption claims.

As well as preparing Expert Witness Reports for submission to construction arbitration and litigation cases, blueVisions is also able to assist clients by contemporaneously preparing submissions to the contract administrator/manager showing the effects of particular events on the project completion date. This allows the client to make timely decisions in relation to particular events and importantly gives the client an opportunity to mitigate unnecessary time and cost-related consequences in relation to those events.

Our Capability Development arm, the Institute of Management, leverages blueVisions industry expertise in this area to deliver the following programs:

  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Management Fundamentals
  • Procurement Management
  • Understanding Contracts and Claims