Nationwide, Indonesia


PLN through cooperation with Reconsult


Integrated Project Management Office for Indonesia’s 35,000MW Power Generation and Transmission Program


blueVisions’ experts from different countries, with backgrounds and specialties in managing power generation projects, ensure our Clients meet the technical requirements and commercial operational dates. blueVisions acted as Expert Advisers to the Indonesian government’s Power Authority (PLN), providing strategic advice and recommendations to the PLN Board of Directors in relation to the construction of 61Power Plants, associated 57 Transmission Lines and 41 Substation projects as part of its current 35,000 MW Program. By 2023, the Indonesian government together with PLN and the private sector will build 109 Power Plants.

Why blueVisions

blueVisions was chosen as the Project Manager as it was able to bring together a high calibre team of industry experts from around the globe to deliver the program. Our team, with a combined 100 years experience, brings a very strong core with in-depth experience to the EPC Management of international Coal Fired, and Gas Fired, Power Plant and Transmission projects. Experience in all the combined aspects of Power Plants including engineering design, construction, commissioning, operations, and project management. In addition, our Client engaged blueVisions for its expertise in business process improvement and capacity building initiatives to help its internal resources to improve the delivery of its program of works within and beyond the 35GW program.

Specialist Services Delivered

1. Introduction of integrated program management approach comprising of the following:
i. Horizontal integration for Project lifecycle: Initiation, Planning, Pre-Execution, Execution and Closing;
ii. Vertical integration for Power Plants, Transmission Lines, Substations and
Primary Energy to improve data quality assurance via schedule health checks,
root cause analysis for risk and pro-active issue management;
iii. Delivering strategic recommendations with respect to achieving commercial operation date;
2. Development of Portfolio, Program and Project Management standards, tools and methods for assessment of integrated portfolio delivery performance;
3. Development of methods to micromanage and re-prioritise risky components of the program such as land acquisition, right of way access, funding, and integrated supply chain.
4. Development of standardized multi-stakeholder, multi-year lifecycle program baseline following financial investment decision for each program
5. Provision of client advisory, troubleshooting and critical resource capability augmentation across the whole of Indonesia projects during execution with respect to technical, schedule and contract de-bottlenecking.
6. Presentation at monthly Executive Team and Regional Directors progress
reviews, including the use of dashboards and targeted executive style progress briefs for richer visualization and improved communications.
7. Implementation of a continuous improvement process for Client internal capabilities through on-the-job mentoring and formal training.


  • Remote Locations
  • Multiple Technologies
  • Multi-national, multicultural and multilingual project environment


  • Improved quality data assurance and timely reporting
  • Integrated reporting with a focus on business case realisation
  • Improved Client internal capabilities through knowledge sharing and formal training
  • Support field personnel to overcome programmatically and technically challenging problems
  • Developed innovative and unique tailored solutions to improve project delivery through planning and monitoring