An Immune Deficiency is a disorder where the immune response (the body’s defence system) is reduced or absent. Primary Immune Deficiencies (PIDs) are caused by defects in the genes that control the immune system, so people with PID are born missing some or all of the parts of the immune system. PIDs are not related to AIDS, which is caused by a viral infection (HIV). While not contagious, these diseases are caused by genetic defects and can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. The World Health Organisation recognizes more than 330 primary immunodeficiency diseases.

There is no cure for the majority of PIDs. PIDs can be mild, severe and in some cases fatal. The main issue is increased susceptibility to infections affecting the sinuses, ears, lungs, bowel and skin. If not diagnosed early, these organs become permanently damaged. Even with treatment, the damage cannot be reversed. Many people with PID also have autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, lupus and bowel disease.

We are glad to be able to support Razzamatazz Canberra for the disadvantaged and special needs children and The Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia (IDFA).  IDFA is a not-for-profit health promotion charity raising awareness and caring for people who have Primary (Genetic) and Secondary (due to chemotherapy and other treatments/ or autoimmune illness) Immune Deficiencies (PIDs).

We hope that our support will enable the IDFA to reach their primary aims which include:

  • to educate and raise awareness of primary immune deficiencies within the general and medical communities
  • to provide education, resources and emotional support for those with PID, their carers and families
  • to improve patient care and quality of life for our members affected by primary immune deficiencies